FAROLD®87 is the result of a series of crosses between Old Home and Farmigdale. The biggest interest of this series of OHF rootstocks resides in the fact that they allow for the cultivation of the pear tree in situations where the quince tree poses problems.  In this way FAROLD®87 presents :
  • A very good affinity with varieties such as red WILLIAM’S, CONFERENCE and all pear varieties in general.
  • A more important resistance to chlorosis.
  • A resistance or an excellent tolerance to the decay of the pear tree and to bacterial blight.
  • Less sensitivity to extreme temperatures than the quince tree.
  • A significantly better affinity than with quince trees, even for difficult varieties.
    It’s Productivity is high without affecting the caliber.  In fact, its growth in vigor is well managed by the fruit set.  In addition, this rootstock provides a very good homogeneity in vegetative behavior.
This is a very good asset for the cultivation of the pear tree.