• The Pi 80 confers to trees a superior vigor of 10 to 15 % that of PAJAM® 2, and inferior by 30 % to MM 106 Virus Free. The fruit set is identical to trees grafted with M IX Virus Free. The caliber of the fruit is more homogeneous and the Pi 80  does not affect a shift in varieties. Ideal for situations where the level of robustness superior to PAJAM® 2 is desired or with SPUR varieties.
    This rootstock has very good anchorage to soil.  It is tolerant to phytophtora and resistant to apple aphids. It is more resistant to fire blight than M 26 and M 106.
  • At the grafting point, it ensures a good continuity between the variety and the rootstock.
  • This is an interesting option in the case of re-plantation for less-robust varieties.