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Opal®, The Tasty Golden-Yellow Apple

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    ÚEB 32642 (Opal®), a variety that is resistant to scabbing was compared to the Sirius and Golden Delicious varieties as a part of a consumer tasting and discussion with a target group.
    Due to its predominantly golden yellow robe, Opal® aroused partly negative comments much like Golden Delicious arouses in certain consumers (too ripe, soft, floury, bland).
    For the majority of people surveyed, Opal® is less attractive to the eye than Golden Delicious (yellow, with «beauty marks»), but most preferred it in taste (aromatic, balanced). Even in the consumer group that do not like Golden Delicious, a certain number of people said that they would be inclined to buy Opal® once they discovered how tasty this apple really is. 
    To learn more about OPAL® : www.opal-apple.com
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